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James Neel Music House has a 30 year history of crafting original music and sound effects for top advertising and commercial producers, entertainment producers, and corporate clients. We are also expert sound designers who can create custom audio that will enhance and enliven any television, radio, film, video or interactive production.

For over three decades, many of the nation’s top advertising agencies, film companies, independent producers and Fortune 500 companies have called on James Neel Music House to create distinctive musical signatures to influence and impress local, national, and global audiences.

James has worked for Oral Roberts, Hugh Hefner, Ross Perot, Stan Richards, Jerry Jones, George Lucas, Tom Landry, David Ogilvy, and Liener Temerlin, to name a few.

And, created the sound design for Lucasfilm and Hasbro’s Trivial Pursuit DVD game edition.

James Neel Music House has created music for many of the country’s top brands.  Our prestigious client list includes work for a diverse collection of familiar names, including Pepsi, IBM, Wrangler, Frito-Lay, Sunkist, Church’s Fried Chicken, Tony Roma’s, Zima, Big A Auto Parts, El Chico, Selsun Blue, Meineke, Bank of America, Texaco, Shell Oil, Dairy queen, EDS, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Silestone, and many more.

For film and television, James Neel Music House has scored numerous works such as: the 5 hour Vatican II documentary broadcast in the United States and Europe; the international, award-winning PBS documentary Broken Rhymes, narrated by Richard Burton, music for the 2 hr. documentary of the relocation of the Cherokee Nation to Oklahoma – James Earl Jones narrator – “Trail of Tears”.

Our corporate work includes many projects where we worked as a creative partner in developing music and sounds effects for videos and new media produced for various Fortune 500 companies. Our work includes a history-making interactive presentation for Verizon shown at the Global Marketing Telecommunications Conference in Geneva.  When EDS announce its acquisition by General Motors, in the 1990′s, James Neel scored the presentation video. And, in 2005, created the original music branding and logo treatments for Bell Helicopter’s corporate marketing and PR.

While we have worked with many of the largest and most discerning producers, we are also very adept at devising highly efficient yet very creative solutions for smaller projects as well.

James Neel
Email: james@jamesneelmusichouse.com