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Poppy Sundeen
Poppywriter Creative Services

“Over the past two decades, I haven’t done a musical score or sound design with any composer other than James Neel. Why would I? His range is limitless. The quality of his work is always impeccable. He brings an endless supply of creativity and taste to every project. He brings zero ego to every project. He never considers the job done until it’s done right. He’s gracious to everyone who walks into his studio, even when they don’t deserve it. He’s willing to help out when a worthy cause has a limited budget. He’s always excited about the next project. That’s why there’ll always be a next project for James.”


Bart Weiss
Director, Dallas Video Festival

“I love James Neel’s music. Every time he has created music for us, it has brought the video to a new and better life than I imagined. When I think of the many years of festival intros that we’ve collaborated on, I think of James’ music – and it makes me feel great, and, working with James is a real pleasure.”

Bob Dodd

“We call James Neel “Jimmy Jam” because he is a one-man jam session. And the best part is James can handle all kinds of music, from the soft and lyrical to hard-driving rock’n'roll. He is a Master of sound design for mood and a premier mixologist in the audio sense of the word. We’ve worked with James for many, many years and he never disappoints.”


John Wilson
Assistant VP of Media and Public Relations, Half Price Books

“We’ve produced all of our national radio spots with James for years. He’s produced numerous music beds, efx, and created all of the foley work that our scripts have asked for. He’s a real pleasure to work with, has a great ear for detail, always in good humor, and juggles schedules for revisions with all the aplomb of a master of ceremonies. It’s always a treat to get out of the office and head down to Deep Ellum, and James Neel Music House.”